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  • How do householders "store water" in private domai

    According to incomplete statistics from Dacai Research, more than 50% of the 200 companies focused on are trying to manage their own private domain traffic pools. The core methods include: membership clubs, customer management systems, public account

  • Ten billion production capacity will be released t

    Hot words such as Industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing, and information construction have become topics that must be discussed in the custom home furnishing industry. Looking back, it is not difficult to find that if the capacity construction of v

  • After the tuyere, 2020 home furnishing brands rush

    A new strategy was released in March, returning from "big home" to "cabinet customization expert" to precise positioning. It is understood that there are not a few home furnishing companies with similar strategic adjustments. By avoiding the "main ba

  • Ali, Tencent, Evergrande launched an unprecedented

    The brand positioning of "Chuxing" was born based on the 2019 Tencent Home Furnishing Industry Insights White Paper to meet the core expectations of the public for home budget, style, and health and environmental protection factors. And Chuxing produ

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