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After-sales service

  • 01.Call the manufacturer's warranty number

    If consumers encounter any product quality problems, they can call the manufacturer's warranty number for maintenance communication.

  • 02.Online maintenance request registration

    Consumers who encounter any product quality problems can register their needs through Zuolan's WeChat public platform/official website.

  • 03.2 hours warranty service response

    Within 2 hours, the manufacturer negotiates with the local area to come up with a solution and give feedback to consumers.

  • 04.24-hour maintenance response

    It is necessary to get in touch with the customer within 24 hours, negotiate the repair plan and repair time by telephone, or visit the actual situation to check the actual situation, and place an order for repair materials to the manufacturer.

  • 05.Repair within 7 days

    The local area needs to complete the repair service for the consumer within 7 days, and sign a repair result confirmation letter to feedback to the manufacturer. If the stock is incomplete, it needs to communicate with the customer within 7 days to determine the repair time.

install service

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