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Shanghai Joysland Door&Window Co.,Limited

Shanghai Joysland Door&Window Co.,Limited UK Joysland Investment LTDSpecial authorization, provided by HongKong Joysland Building Co., Limited (HongKong Joysland Building Co., Limited) to provide technical support and guidance. Specializing in the design, production, program integration, and product sales of the full-line products of the European system sun room with its own brand pure European system doors and windows (including passive windows, fresh air haze windows, bullet-proof windows) and European-style sun room , Finished product installation and after-sales maintenance.

Joysland door and window is the retail operation center and processing base of Lan-system door and window curtain wall system Co.,Ltd in Asia. At present, it has an independent manufacturing area in Shanghai’s Songjiang Jiuting area, covering two standard industrial plants, a total of 7000 square meters of medium-sized processing plants, a 3000 square meters profile storage area and a 500 square meters independent office area, the factory equipment consists of multiple 4 first-class production lines composed of advanced CNC machining equipment. The company has more than 10 professionals engaged in measurement design, program budget, 3D effect rendering, more than 60 experienced senior production technicians in the industry and independent 4 professional installation technicians. An installation team and an independent after-sales team. A product experience exhibition hall located in the company's office area, more than ten locations in Shanghai Red Star Macalline, Jiashijia and other large building materials malls, as well as decoration companies and designer studios, and many well-known decoration companies Maintain good cooperation with high-end designers in the industry! At the same time, it has established product cooperation or brand cooperation models with many professional door and window sales companies in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

Adhering to the concept of "One Window, One World, One Door, One Realm", the company integrates European top technology, scientific design, and exquisite craftsmanship into every detail of the product, combining Eastern aesthetics and Chinese usage habits, and perfect sales. Front, sale, and after-sales service complement each other, I believe it will bring you a new understanding and new experience of the technology and aesthetics of building doors and windows!

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Company Name:Shanghai Vista Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

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  • First-class production line

  • Professional designer

  • Independent office area

  • Profile storage area

  • Medium-sized processing plant

  • Our Mission

    Doors and windows change the lives of customers, create employee happiness with philosophy, and benefit human society with innovation!

  • corporate vision

    Become the first brand in China's system door and window industry

  • Corporate values

    Unity of knowledge and action, happiness in mind and material!

  • Enterprise spirit

    Benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom, faith!

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